Intel Announces $7 Billion Investment Creating 10,000 New Jobs

Washington, DC…The past 8 years have taken a toll on American workers. But now, we have already begun bringing OUR jobs back to OUR country.Today we are excited to announce that Intel has pledged to make a $7 billion investment in Arizona, creating 10,000 jobs!

Companies across America are making the commitment to creating thousands of new jobs everyday:
11/29/2016: Carrier pledges to create 1,000 new jobs
12/28/2016: Sprint and OneWeb announces creating and saving of 8,000 jobs
01/17/2017: GM pledges $1 billion in manufacturing to create 1,500 new jobs
02/08/2017: Intel announces $7 Billion investment in 10,000 new jobs in Arizona
President Trump made a promise to this country – bring jobs back to America. The spirit of optimism sweeping the country is already boosting job growth, and it is only the beginning.

Over the next 4 years, President Trump is committed to creating new policies and embracing challenges in the labor force that will put America First in job creation, growth and innovation.

We are getting America back to work. And with each new success, we continue to make America great again.